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William T  Cross II

Bill is the founder of Sovereign Partners and has extensive experience working in Indian Country. He was an executive in charge of marketing for Sun Gold Gaming International based out of Scottsdale AZ specializing in linking casino development services to various Indian Tribes.  He later started his own consulting firm and expanded his service to include casino development consulting to create and support strategic Alliances between casino companies, private investors, institutional financing, and designated Indian Tribes.  Once alliances were formed he continued to assist with project management with cross-cultural communication services to insure the continuation and success of the project.  Several years ago, Mr. Cross expanded his services to Tribes by forming Dinger’s, a sports apparel and screen printing company supplying printed products to tribal casino clients.  An outgrowth of that effort was the creation of Sovereign Partners, a full service printing company.  Mr. Cross, is a member of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians of Michigan and a Veteran of the U.S. Army.


William T  Cross II


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