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Digital Marketing

We help venues monetize guest and amenity Wi-Fi allowing you to generate revenue through analytics, marketing, advertising and paid access. 

Our cloud-based software connects to your existing Wi-Fi network and allows you to capture unlimited data from the people logging in to your venue's Wi-Fi.  That data allows you to communicate with potential customers via email and SMS directing them to take action. 


We have three platforms that you can access through our online dashboard system that work independently or together as a comprehensive suite.




Connect with customers when they’re connected to you.

Data collection and marketing automation powered by your guest WiFi.

Marketing WiFi gives venues the power to gather customer data through guest WiFi, then deliver targeted and timely messages to build lasting customer relationships.


Understand customer behavior with location analytics.

Location analytics and traffic alerts powered by guest WiFi.

Analytics WiFi captures and analyzes where your customers are, and how they move through and interact with your space – all powered by guest WiFi.


Earn revenue from guest WiFi connections.

Advertising campaign delivery and management built for guest WiFi networks.

Ads WiFi enables WiFi providers to earn additional revenue through WiFi advertising while enabling advertisers to reach a highly engaged mobile audience.

Marketing WiFi Features

Drag-and-Drop Splash Page Builder

Create stunning and creative captive portal pages in a matter of minutes. Choose from a variety of social sign-in options such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Guest Flow

Turn guest WiFi into a digital billboard with Guest Flow. Display multiple splash pages to your guests to enhance the captive portal experience and engage with customers.

Smart and Scheduled Campaigns

Delight guests and build loyalty with personalized messages using custom merge codes. Strategically send emails out to guests using action-based triggers or scheduled emails.

Contact Manager

Build new email lists by importing contacts or creating them from scratch. Sort through contacts via the Smart Tag system to improve email efforts and increase sales.

SMS Marketing

Increase customer engagement, return visits, and product purchases with engaging and targeted SMS marketing campaigns. Strategically send messages out to guests using action-based triggers or scheduled campaigns.

Integrated Ad Spaces

Integrated Ad Spaces works in conjunction with Ads WiFi to run live advertisements on an advanced captive portal. Promote product purchases, loyalty programs, app downloads, and more.

Marketing WiFi.gif


  • Gain deep customer insight with access to behavioral trends and traffic patterns

  • Manage contacts, schedule email campaigns, and review performance

  • Drive immediate revenue with WiFi payments, coupons, and loyalty campaigns

Analytics WiFi Features

Summary Dashboard

Full-page view of traffic numbers based on visitors, passer-bys, and WiFi connections. Real-time traffic updates provided for accurate data.

Heatmap & Footfall Visuals

These tools provide a visual look into how traffic is dispersed throughout a venue and how it flows in a 12-hour time frame.

Density Alerts

Use SMS or email alerts to be notified when a traffic count hits a set threshold. Set alerts for specific areas or for the entire property.

Reporting Jobs

Create recurring summary reports to stay updated on traffic counts and customer presence. Include multiple email recipients to inform team members as needed.

Analytics WiFi Heatmap.gif


  • Know the exact head count in and around a property with real-time traffic updates

  • See a visual of busy areas vs. slow areas with heat mapping.

  • Get instant SMS or email alerts when head count reaches a specific number in a specified area

Ad WiFi Features

Interactive Landing Page

Branded landing page for WiFi guests that can host a variety of advertising banners, videos, and GIFS.

Rotational Ad Spaces

Digital ad space that rotates through a variety of advertising banners. Promote different brands or products and keep guests engaged.

Detailed Advertising Reports

A reporting tool for providing insight on what landing pages and ad spaces are garnering the most clicks and impressions. Advertising Reports can be shared with third-party advertisers.

Revenue-Tracking Insights

Know how much revenue is being brought in from third-party advertising by tracking landing page counts and CPM.

Smart URL Redirect

Redirects a guest to a specific URL after they have clicked on an Ad Space. Smart Redirect takes a guest to a specific page based on the operating system.

Cross-Platform Ad Spaces

Integrated Ad Spaces works in conjunction with Marketing WiFi. Promote product purchases, app downloads, and more before a guest even connects to WiFi.




  • Promote additional products, services, and programs to guests through an advertising landing page

  • Track performances for advertisements with impression and click-through reports

  • Offer third-party advertising opportunities to other businesses and increase their brand engagement

How is WiFi marketing used in your industry?

Smart Cities & Communities

Drive community initiatives by partnering with small businesses to offer new advertising opportunities. Implement a free WiFi network for tourists and locals, subsidized by digital advertising space.

Events & Entertainment

Keep the audience entertained every step of the way with Smart WiFi. Learn more about attendees with custom surveys and market to guests as the event takes place. Promote vendors and sponsors with digital advertising space.

Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

Create a contactless menu experience for guests with a digital menu. Promote new items and specials and learn more about guests to improve marketing efforts.

Hotel and Hospitality

Market back to guests from the same WiFi network being offered. Manage contacts with ease and keep contact information always up to date with data sync tools


Keep all WiFi users safe with specific WiFi access for faculty, students, and guests. Set specific days and times of WiFi access and block unwanted users for complete WiFi control.

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