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Direct Mail Programs

Unlock the power of direct mail marketing with our comprehensive direct mail programs. At Sovereign Partners we specialize in creating targeted and effective direct mail campaigns that reach your desired audience and drive results. Our direct mail programs are designed to maximize your ROI by combining the latest technologies, strategic planning, and personalized messaging.

Variable Data

The power of variable data is explosive. Variable data printing generates response rates that are three to 10 times higher than traditional direct mail. What’s the secret? It’s personalized pieces that capture attention with content relevant to each unique recipient with tailored text, images, and offers customized to individuals’ needs and wants. We can help you navigate through rules and regulations, secure a targeted and accurate mailing list, and design a unique direct mail piece that will command immediate attention.  Simply put, better direct mail translates directly into better results.


Mailing Services

We fully print and manage all mailing jobs in-house, this means that our service is quicker, more accurate, and more secure. Our mail operation experts can handle all of your requests in a timely and cost effective manner.  We know that the biggest cost in mail campaigns is often the postage cost. To help clients receive the lowest postage possible, and to increase the accuracy and deliverability of each piece, we offer a comprehensive list procurement, list management, presort, and mailing services.


Database Marketing Software

Casino Consulting & Database Marketing

  • We provide objective analytical and statistical insight into your player’s club data. Strategy is key – We focus on increasing your bottom line and enhancing the marketing efforts needed to grow and sustain player loyalty. We support our clients marketing needs with turnkey segmented mail lists and actionable monthly reporting packages. With less than a 24 hour turn around for most requests – We leave nothing to chance when it comes to our clients’ needs.  Data is the most important tool needed to efficiently evaluate any direct marketing campaigns effectiveness. We excel at providing your property with the data analytics and reports needed to make informed decisions and execute them with confidence.

Analytic Tool & Mail List Compiler Software (ATMLCS)

  • Data-driven results set the criteria for your success. With ATMLCS, your player’s club data is transformed into a valuable partner in helping you to optimize your marketing strategies and create successful campaigns for your players. Save valuable time and be confident in knowing exactly where to apply your marketing resources.

  • It provides the invaluable – comprehensive reports and analysis in a safe, secure format, so your data stays on your network. It’s a cost effective solution that also guarantees the security of your player’s information.

    • Evaluate individual groups, segments & players key metrics

    • Analyze player value & trip frequency

    • Compare demographic & geographic data

    • Trend values over time


  • Automated Casino Promotion Software  

    • Our Bounceback Software will help you to perpetuate a steady growth in player loyalty, trip frequency, carded play, and revenues. We Do It Daily with our automated casino promotion software. It’s a heavy hitter compared to your average loyalty marketing programs. Combine your player data with our user-defined offer packaging DAILY for a dynamic result that has been proven to outperform ADT and cumulative segmentation models.

    • The BounceBack triggers offers to database players who’ve satisfied pre-set play requirements – automatically on a daily basis. By using a balance in conjunction with daily response, the BounceBack eliminates the need for a period average or total. It’s the higher level of marketing power that your property needs to bounce back and stay in the green.

Contact us today to unlock the potential of personalized messaging and the latest technologies in your direct mail program.
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